about me

I am a food lover and aspiring home chef.  I especially love baking; there's just something magical about watching flour and yeast turn into something delicious.  I'm constantly fighting the baked-deliciousness v. healthy-option battle, so I'll definitely include both for you to peruse.

As you can tell by my recipes, I don't prepare meat.  I am a pescatarian (a vegetarian that eats fish), but have started incorporating a little bit of chicken into my diet.  By a little bit I mean approximately one restaurant meal every couple of months, so you'll need to look elsewhere to find delicious steak and pork chop recipes.  I will be posting some meat-substitute meals, though, which can easily be modified to satisfy the omnivores among us. 

I've never had any formal culinary training, but have learned most of what I know from the wonderful women in my family.  My grandmas, my mom, my sister, aunts, and cousins have taught me so much about the value of good homemade food both through example and lessons.

Although I (secretly) aspire to someday open a bed and breakfast or cupcake shop, I currently have no professional culinary experience.  A couple of summers ago, though, my sister and I made cupcakes for our cousin's wedding, so I guess that's a start!

In fact, my current profession is pretty removed from anything food-related.  I'm a Spanish instructor at a local public university.  Even in teaching, though, I incorporate food, bringing my students baked treats for holidays.  Nothing like a little sugar and orange zest to get students in the mood for Día de los Muertos!

I am married to the most wonderful man in the world.  He's my official taste-tester (it's a tough job, but someone has to do it), recipe-approver, and motivator.  You'll be hearing a lot about him in the posts to come, I imagine.

We have a 4 year old beagle-dachshund-something.else.that.we.can't.figure.out mix, Cooper, who thinks it's his job to constantly keep our kitchen floors clean.  I can't complain; we love the mutt!

We are currently living in a house that we're renovating in a suburb of Cleveland, OH after spending the past several years of our lives in beautiful Athens, GA. It's been a big adjustment for us to move back to Ohio, but we're happy to be near family and friends once again.


  1. I am so excited that you have a food blog! A semi-vegetarian one at that! My kitchen isn't really stocked with things yet, but as life goes on, I'm working on it. Here's my question: as a vegetarian chef, what is always in your house (ingredients, that is); what is your normal grocery list like, and what sort of pots/pans and utensils do you always have on hand?

    Thanks! And happy blogging, Liz! i will definitely be stalking your blog :)

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog! We always buy a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. For protein, we eat beans, tofu, and meat substitutes (Morningstar, Quorn, and Trader Joe's are our favorites). We eat quite a bit of whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and oats as well. We use a lot of spices in our cooking (especially oregano, garlic, thyme, and basil) to avoid using too much salt. We just use basic Cuisinart pots and pans for most everything.

  3. Cupcake shop co-owner, perhaps? Let's discuss at Christmas!

  4. Baking Serendipity, it's a plan!!

  5. Sounds like we should have a lot in common! I too have no professional cooking in my background, work a job that has nothing to do with cooking, and wish that I won that huge lotto so I too can open up a B&B! Glad I found your blog on foodbuzz and thanks for accepting my request!!


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