May 29, 2014

tortilla bowls

I've decided I'm officially an "old soul".  Those who know me could have told you that long ago, I'm sure.  I always prefer, and have always preferred, a cup of coffee with a friend over a night of dancing (unless it's swing dancing or salsa dancing...that's a different story!), a night in with a Netflix tv series over going to a big expensive show, a homemade dinner over a dozen roses, a rainy afternoon listening to music while bread is rising over going to the movies, a starlit walk through the neighborhood with the hubs and the pup over some big elaborate date, and a glass of quality wine over endless drinks at a bar.

May 21, 2014

peanut butter rice krispy treats

Summer is officially here!  Well, it's kind of here.  Students are done and grades are in.  That's a win, right?

How do you define "summer"?  My colleagues and I spent last week (the week after finals) in a windowless room learning how to administer and rate oral proficiency exams.  Ever since, I've been judging random conversations, both in English and Spanish--awww, bless her heart, she's never going to get out of the advanced low range.  I guess I shouldn't judge because sometimes it looks like I can't even write in complete sentences.  And paragraphs?  Hah.  Anyways, hubs had graduation one weekend and freshman orientation the next.  And, he may have left home at 5 am yesterday morning for a training seminar 2 hours away.  Luckily we both work in departments that constantly keep us their own special ways.  So, is this really "summer"?  I know they've always said that you shouldn't go into academia to get summers off.  Perhaps we should have listened more closely.

May 8, 2014

tortilla española (más o menos)

Finals are done!  (Almost all of) the grading is done too.   A major painting project is complete, we're getting new carpet (yes, the green is finally gone!), and the exterior of our house is changing colors.  So much is currently in the works... more to come about that soon!  In the meantime...