Apr 22, 2014

homemade vanilla and lemon extracts

Yes, I have become THAT person.  I am making my own vanilla extract.  And lemon extract.  In fact, I'm making most everything from scratch anymore.

Here are the few items that we usually buy prepared, as they are cheaper or just not worth the time to make regularly:

Apr 7, 2014

100% white whole wheat artisan bread

Like the new look?  Little sister designed a new logo and header for me.  On her snow day.  Because she wanted to.  And she's awesome.  She surprised me with it =)

So, in other news, I've started to figure out my crazy body.  I've been doing a lot of research as to what foods promote health and healing and which do more harm than good.  I find it interesting that people used to only eat foods that lead to health, whereas now, it's much easier to find the junk at the grocery store.  I've come to realize that all-purpose flour and refined sugar are my biggest enemies, as they are inflammatory.  Leave them out, my arthritic knees feel pretty good.  I have even been using the stairs occasionally (voluntarily) again on campus.  That's something that hasn't happened in years.