Jan 28, 2014

life and food

Here's the deal.  It's not that I haven't been cooking and baking away the past several weeks, not at all.  It's not that I'm uninterested in taking pictures and sharing every bite.  And, it's not you.  It's me.

I've been having a bit of a food existential breakdown lately.  I've been contemplating my food choices and their effect on my health.  I've been experimenting with a different type of culinary lifestyle.  I'm trying to figure out what works for me.  I'm trying new recipes constantly, still a bit intimidated to adjust them at all, as I've been working with some new and exciting ingredients that are still fairly foreign to me.

Give me just a little time and I will be back with food that not only will taste good, but will also make you feel good.  Promise.

Jan 16, 2014

classic beer bread

...And we're off!  The new semester is off and running.  Four days down and quite a few left to go.

Sometimes it's the little things that get you through these crazy exhausting days and the sleepy-eyed mornings.  We got cupcakes to cover 2 of the days, a little treat to look forward to after a day of stumbling through classes (as if I hadn't taught in weeks...oh wait).  They kind of made my day.   Twice.

Jan 9, 2014

sweet potato dog treats

So, we've had our little Cooper for almost 4 years now.  He's always been pretty well-behaved, but he had this "quirk", as we called it.  He licked.  He would lick his paws and pits until they were raw.  It got old really quickly hearing his lick, lick, lick and we would yell at him constantly to stop already.