Dec 11, 2014

reflections on 30...

Yesterday was my birthday.  For the past few years, I've been dreading this one...the big 3-0.  But really as it was approaching this year, I'm good with it; in fact, I'm quite excited.  With a little one on the way, this is going to be such an awesome, exhaustingly wonderful year for us that it's really quite hard to dread this milestone birthday.

And it's official!  We made it well into the third trimester!  We are so lucky and thankful that Baby's situation has improved significantly over the past couple of months.  We made it through way too many weeks when we were constantly playing the "numbers game": if Baby were born today, he or she would have a x% chance of survival.  And we've reached a point where we're in as good of shape as any pregnancy.  It's still hard to wrap our heads around that fact, especially after anxiously checking off the weeks, days, hours, and minutes to get here.

Thank you all for your love, support, and prayers.  A special thanks to my parents for doing everything from walking the dog daily and helping out around the house, to family who helped us install a dishwasher to make everyday life a little easier, to friends who brought us meals when I had to limit my activity, to my husband who has taken on so much extra work at home while also starting a new job, to family that planned the most gorgeous baby shower ever, and to the huge community of people near and far praying for our little one.  We really couldn't have gotten through these struggles without you.

Now, we're to a point of hope, of figuring out how to put together baby furniture, taking baby care classes, decorating a nursery, planning for maternity/paternity leave, and enjoying the last couple months before we move from coupledom to a family.  Life is good.  Bring it on, 30!

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