May 29, 2014

tortilla bowls

I've decided I'm officially an "old soul".  Those who know me could have told you that long ago, I'm sure.  I always prefer, and have always preferred, a cup of coffee with a friend over a night of dancing (unless it's swing dancing or salsa dancing...that's a different story!), a night in with a Netflix tv series over going to a big expensive show, a homemade dinner over a dozen roses, a rainy afternoon listening to music while bread is rising over going to the movies, a starlit walk through the neighborhood with the hubs and the pup over some big elaborate date, and a glass of quality wine over endless drinks at a bar.

As I understand it, an "old soul" enjoys the simple pleasures and doesn't take for granted the everyday moments that become our lives.  Could be worse, I suppose.

These tortillas are one of my simple pleasures.  I make them more often than I would care to share.  It was time for a new variation.  Try them once and you'll never look back.  Promise.

Tortilla Bowls
Based off this recipe
Makes 4 bowls

  • 4 homemade tortillas (I would recommend making 6 per batch, rather than 8 as our bowls turned out on the small side)
  • olive oil spray or cooking spray
Prepare the homemade tortillas.   Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.  Spray the inside of 4 oven-safe bowls with olive oil or cooking spray.  Carefully press the tortillas into each bowl and lightly spray the topside as well.  Cook for 15-20 minutes, until lightly browned.  Allow the bowls to cool for a few minutes before placing them on a wire rack to cool completely.  Fill bowls with salad or taco fixings.  We made ours for buffalo "chicken" salad (lettuce, Morningstar chicken patty, ranch dressing, hot sauce, and cheddar).

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