Jun 30, 2013

zucchini bake

I love summer.  (I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again.)  Despite being pretty busy with work, there's just something wonderful about this season.  Maybe it's the memories of childhood summers with nothing to do but run and play or maybe it's just the warm sun on my flip-flopped feet.  Whatever it is, I'm loving it.

This year, for the very first time, we have a garden which makes it that much sweeter.  It's magical watching tomato plants grow nearly an inch a day, strawberries flowers that turn into pretty red fruits, and basil sprouting new leaves by the hour it seems.  There's so much hope and resiliency in that little 8x4 plot of land.

Jun 26, 2013

What's in Season? Week 4

Here it is for the last week of June...
  • Eggs (this bread would make a great summer breakfast)
  • Large stem bok choy (frittata-ed)
  • Baby bok choy (Asian-style)
  • Red leaf lettuce (on a homemade black bean burger, perhaps?)
  • Charloe cheese (if you still have kale left, this would be good I imagine)
  • Snow peas (do like my husband and pop them straight out of the bag!)
  • Broccoli (chowder)
  • Cherries (I'm sure to have a recipe for these soon...if you can restrain yourself until then!)
  • Beets (just bake them at a low temperature until they're dried, cool them, and enjoy)
  • Spinach (creamed)
  • Zucchini (panini)
New zucchini recipe to come!

Jun 25, 2013

whole wheat pizza dough

Summer is officially in full-swing.  Our garden basil plants are big enough that we can finally enjoy their savory leaves.  So, we decided to take advantage of the fresh herb right outside our door.  We also threw in some Fresh Fork garlic scapes (that were left over from last week) to make this tasty pizza.  This is one of the best whole-wheat pizza crusts we've tried.  It's not 100%, but it's still about 2/3 whole wheat and deliciously soft yet crispy.  And, it only takes a few minutes to make, compared to most pizza crusts which need to sit out all afternoon.  Grab whatever fresh veggies/herbs/cheese you may have sitting around and bake them together into something wonderful.

Jun 19, 2013

What's in Season? Week 3

The season is finally starting to take off!  And here we go...

This week we're getting:
  • Heirloom corn chips (I made these tasty little treats last year)
  • Swiss chard (yum)
  • Green leaf lettuce (would add some beautiful green to our tacos)
  • Radishes (I'm not a huge fan, but will most likely grate them into a salad)
  • Cilantro (for Chipotle-style rice, of course)
  • Zucchini (in a spicy little muffin)
  • Strawberries (it's nearly time for no-bake cheesecake jars)
  • Aged sharp cheddar (mac and cheese, perhaps?)
  • Spinach (for a soup)
  • Beets (turned brownies)
  • Broccoli (broccoli cheddar bake...good use for the cheese, too!)
  • Snow peas (they'd be darn good in some healthy fried rice)
  • Baby greens (for a salad, I'm sure)
All of that, local and super-fresh for $25!  It's a steal this week =)

Jun 13, 2013

homemade (herb) butter

There's a pretty good secret that the world has been keeping from us.  Butter does NOT need to be churned for hours on end by a little old lady with a bonnet.  (Maybe that's just what I've always thought...)

Butter is actually really easy to make, especially if you have a good stand mixer.  And the results, oh Lordy.  I can't even tell you how much fresh butter we gobbled down with homemade bread the day we made this.  You can't say I didn't warn you.

Jun 11, 2013

What's in Season? Week 2

We did it!  We finished all of the delicious eats from last week (minus the beans and eggs which we'll use here soon I'm sure).  It's time for week 2 of our CSA.  This week in Ohio we're getting and you can find some fresh/local/amazing:

  • Kohlrabi (last year we made them into fries)
  • Collard greens (made vegetarian style)
  • Organic rolled oats (granola, muffins, smoothie, oh my...)
  • Garlic scapes (for some fresh salsa, or on the other extreme of the health spectrum...to flavor some homemade butter...recipe to come this week!)
  • Spinach (veggie-style egg drop soup)
  • Mustard greens (spicy freshness in a soup)
  • Strawberries (really, what can't you make with strawberries??)
  • Lettuce (maybe a fresh salad can even make calzones healthier?)
  • Fresh whole wheat linguini (YUM!  This is one of my favorite foods of all times...Ohio City Pasta rocks!!  Just cook it up and toss it with some good olive oil and garlic scapes)
More recipes to come...

Jun 6, 2013

healthy french toast casserole

So, to use some of those delicious eggs from Week 1, I decided to try out a french toast casserole.  I'm just too plain lazy this week to make real french toast.  Summer classes start next week, so it's allowed.  Most of the recipes I found for french toast bakes were full of cream and sugar, but the one I based this recipe off of was pretty good.  A few small modifications and voilĂ !  Enjoy!

Jun 4, 2013

What's in Season? Week 1

We've been anxiously awaiting this week for a loooooong while now.  It's Week 1 of Fresh Fork!  It's a local CSA program based out of Cleveland, Ohio in which each week members pick up a HUGE bag of fresh food grown within 75 miles of our wonderful city.  A lot of the produce is organic or chemical-free and the eggs and milk products are pasture-raised and delicious.  We have once again selected the small vegetarian share, costing us $25 per week (but probably cutting $40 or $50 out of our weekly food budget while forcing us to eat our veggies allowing us the opportunity to enjoy some of the best food the region has to offer.

I've decided to dedicate the summer (actually the next 22 weeks!) to showcasing some amazing in-season delicacies.  Whether you're also a member of Fresh Fork or you're just interested in what fresh food is available at different times of the year in the midwest, I hope you'll find these posts worthwhile.  I plan on listing what food we're getting each week, including links to recipe ideas, as well as posting some new creations to try.

Yesterday we got the list of goodies to expect tomorrow (as part of the small vegetarian share):
  • Broccoli (make some General Tso sauce to put over steamed broccoli)
  • Leaf lettuce (perhaps as a taco topper)
  • Red Russian kale (we've been craving kale chips lately)
  • Strawberries (they make a delicious pancake topper)
  • Black turtle beans (salsa!!)
  • Pasture-raised eggs (can be used in some healthy fried rice...perhaps with General Tso broccoli)
  • Vegan Luna burgers (we made some last year with homemade guacamole on top!)
  • Pea tendrils (this would be good)
  • Pinto beans (chili would be a good way to use of both of these beans...especially with the cold weather lately)
  • Siberian Night beer-washed cheese (gotta try this before offering any recommendations...)
And that's only a week's worth of food.  Apparently the late frosts this year have affected some of the early crops, so we're a little behind on what fresh produce should be coming in, but that's also a promise of heavy bags in the coming weeks.