May 19, 2013

strawberry {blood orange} olive oil bread

Hubs is back after spending the weekend out of town.  Next week he'll be the best man for one of his best friends and had to celebrate his "bachelorhood".  So, I had to entertain myself.  I was kind of dreading it, seeing how it was the first time I would be staying at our house alone with the pup.

But in reality it wasn't so bad.  I honestly don't think I turned on the TV once all weekend.  It was nice and peaceful.  I worked in the yard, read a non-work related book, did last minute wedding reception prep at my parents', and cooked and baked more than I had in quite a while. 

May 16, 2013

brown sugar cupcakes and sunshine

Life isn't always sunshine and cupcakes.  Lately, there have been a lot of struggles.

As you know, I'm a planner.  I already made dough to bake into pizza this weekend and didn't think anything of it.  Yes, it's Thursday morning.  

May 11, 2013

New beginnings

It has been a week of new beginnings. 

Summer started with an amazing road trip (to one of the most beautiful cities I know)...