Jan 26, 2013

lemon sweet bread

This past week has taught me two things.  First of all, I realized that it doesn't take much snow to ruin your day.  Just a few inches, falling quickly enough, can easily through off your whole day's schedule.  Two days this week started that way.  Ridiculously long drives to work do not make me a happy camper.

I also learned something wonderful.  There is nothing better than new carpet.  Nothing.

Puppy agrees.  He refused to sleep in his bed the first night we got the new carpet.  The carpet was just too warm, soft, and inviting.  

Jan 21, 2013

oatmeal raisin granola bars

We've been making these granola bars an awful lot lately.  They're quick and easy, make your house smell delicious, and are the perfect lunch snack.

The other day, though, I decided that we needed to change things up a bit.  The peanut butter/chocolate combo is amazing, but it was seriously starting to lose its novelty.  So, I played around with the recipe a good bit and came up with this.

Jan 18, 2013

vegetarian buffalo "chicken"

There's nothing quite like a long weekend to make the first week of class seem so much better.  A Thursday night girls' Airing of Grievances doesn't hurt either.  There's seriously something therapeutic about griping over coffee.  You should try it sometime.

You should also try some of this buffalo "chicken".  It's got the mouthwatering taste of the diet-destroying chicken wings, but cauliflower replaces the calories.

Jan 13, 2013

garlic mozzarella beer bread

Winter break is quickly coming to an end.  But, the fact that the weather is reminiscent of spring break helps the situation significantly.  Yesterday hubs, pup and I went on a nice long walk without coats or jackets or sweaters.  Birds were chirping, kids were running, and the sun was shining.  Somehow, this fact makes everything better.

This week, though, the whole spring preview thing will be coming to an end as classes begin in the morning.  Tomorrow would be a good evening for some heavy, wintery carbs...like garlic mozzarella beer bread.

Jan 9, 2013

vegetarian french onion soup

The snow and icicles have arrived.  All of a sudden, I've had a craving for soup.  It also happens to be onion time here in Ohio, as the earth rests before another growing season.

After a long day of pre-semester planning yesterday, I needed a break.  This soup is a serious slow-yourself-down-already kind of food.  It's not magic.  It takes time, about an hour and a half.  It includes steps like stirring onions on the stovetop and watching bread toast.  This is not a distracted person type of meal.  But, I've come to realize that sometimes some forced relaxation is just what I need.

Jan 5, 2013

homemade laundry detergent and a big girl fridge

Ahh, the seventies.  Goldenrod appliances and lime green walls.

We'd come to terms with our yellow appliances over the past few weeks.  Let's just call them "retro", rather than old and kind of gross.

Just when we'd adjusted, our "retro" refrigerator started to grumble.  They were sudden really loud grumbles that threw our pup into a tizz about an hour before we were going to have family over for New Years Eve.  It stopped grumbling (and the pup stopped growling), and we thought everything was fine.

The next morning, as we were eating our cereal, hubs pointed out that his milk wasn't as cold as usual.


Jan 2, 2013

top posts of 2012 and a traveling mouse

Excuse my absence.  I've been preoccupied...with holidays, a house, and a mouse.  Yes, we've got a slight mouse problem.

Let me set the scene.  It was Christmas Eve.  I was heading over to Chookie Chookie Grandma's house to make some bobalki.  Hubs, dad, and sister's fiance were hanging out at our house while the ladies were going to bake.

I wasn't even out of our neighborhood, when I saw him staring back at me with his pointy nose and long white whiskers and nothing but a thin pane of glass between us.

I called my husband immediately.  Our conversation went something like this: