Aug 15, 2013

What's in Season? Week 11

Summer share is about halfway over after this week, week 11:
  • Candy onion (use some of the eggs too in this zucchini bake)
  • Curly kale (perhaps in a fresh salad with some fresh havarti)
  • Carrots (use some leftover cabbage too for these spring rolls)
  • Cherry tomatoes (for your kale salad, of course)
  • Havarti cheese (for the salad or to top your zucchini bake)
  • Eggs (for some pineapple upside down pancakes)
  • Red haven peaches (in fresh peach muffins)
  • Pinto beans (save these babies for the cold months ahead)
  • Personal-sized cantaloupe (cut it up ahead of time to to make a fast and healthy snack)

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