Jul 10, 2013

What's in Season? Week 6

The harvest season is seriously underway at this point.  We've gotten a lot more rain than normal so far this summer (16 days and counting at this point), so this year's goods for early/mid-July are a little different than last.  This is what's coming our way this evening...
  • Fresh sweet pea linguine (holy yum...just a little good olive oil and voila!)
  • Candy onion (this would make some seriously tasty soup)
  • Beets (I'm still searching for the perfect beet recipe...any thoughts, let me know)
  • Green leaf lettuce (put some on your homemade bean burgers)
  • Organic yogurt (in blood orange bread)
  • Zucchini (in a green curry sauce)
  • Cucumbers (for a sweet and spicy salsa)
  • Tomatoes (for ratatouille)
  • Sweet cherries (breakfast pie)
  • Black raspberries (for a pretty summer crostata)
Perhaps a better beet recipe to come this week???

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