Jul 12, 2013

Guest Post: 4th of July Cake

Happy 4th of July! Yes, it’s a little late for that but I’m new to this blogging thing and I needed time to get my thoughts out. Forgive me. Thanks.

My name is Steph Walker, Liz’s favorite…okay, only sister. I’d like to think she still thinks of me as her favorite though. Unlike Liz, I’m not a vegetarian/pescatarian/boneless buffalo wingtarian (only on special occasions). However, we do share a love of baking and making people happy with our food. I think both of those things go way back to growing up with grandmothers that loved to bake and cook. Also, our mom always found time in her crazy schedule to make us a delicious dinner!
I’m pretty sure by the age of 3 we were both baking something…I heard Liz baked me a cake when I turned 1 week old. While Liz was only 3 at the time, the only picture I saw of this cake was of her licking the icing. “Baking” was maybe a loosely used word in this story.

At any rate, the cake recipe used here was found here on Liz’s blog. I added around ¼ or ½ teaspoon of gel food coloring to each cake (1 was left white, 1 had blue food coloring, and one had red) until I reached the desired color. Make sure to mix well or you’ll have blobs of food coloring in your baked cake. I went bold with my colors. It was kind of okay until I realized my mouth was completely blue following eating this cake…then I became worried for my health. I’m okay though. I lived to tell the tale.

So to make this cake, start with 3 round 9” cake pans, greased well. Really, 8” would have made a taller cake but I had 9” so that’s how it happened. We had to make about 3 times the cupcake recipe listed, basically 1 cupcake recipe per cake. Like I mentioned, color 1 cake batter blue, 1 red, and leave one white. Bake the 3 cakes in a preheated oven. It took around 30 minutes to bake in my oven but I am not positive what temperature it is at exactly since it’s a new house with an oven I don’t know well. I need an oven thermometer. Just make sure a toothpick comes out clean.

My very talented husband actually assembled the cake while I was at work so the rest is what I heard happened, but it really did work! Once the cakes are baked, cooled (very important to cool thoroughly or else they won’t come out in one piece), and taken out of the pan, cut the red and white cakes in half so you have 2 layers of each. Put one of those white layers on a cake platter. Put a small amount of buttercream frosting (we used a basic butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk recipe but any recipe would do) on the cake before layering with one layer of red cake. Add another thin layer of buttercream. Set aside.

Stack the remaining white cake with the red (on top) with a small layer of buttercream between the layers. At this point, find a bowl or something round to use as a template. Cut out a round piece of the stacked red and white cake, disgarding the outside ring. Cut out a round piece of the blue cake (full thickness, not cut in layers). You can disgard, or eat, the middle circle. Be careful for the blue mouth syndrome. It happens quickly and without warning. Carefully place the red/white cake in the center of the ring of blue cake. You can put a little frosting between the blue and red/white to hold it together. Take this entire section of cake and top it on the red and white cake that was set aside earlier. Once everything is put together, ice the whole cake and decorate as desired! Cut into pieces and enjoy the design inside!

Thanks for reading my post. Enjoy the cake and please send any ideas or pictures of cakes with fun things inside! Maybe I’ll be back with more exciting recipes and ideas!


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