Jun 19, 2013

What's in Season? Week 3

The season is finally starting to take off!  And here we go...

This week we're getting:
  • Heirloom corn chips (I made these tasty little treats last year)
  • Swiss chard (yum)
  • Green leaf lettuce (would add some beautiful green to our tacos)
  • Radishes (I'm not a huge fan, but will most likely grate them into a salad)
  • Cilantro (for Chipotle-style rice, of course)
  • Zucchini (in a spicy little muffin)
  • Strawberries (it's nearly time for no-bake cheesecake jars)
  • Aged sharp cheddar (mac and cheese, perhaps?)
  • Spinach (for a soup)
  • Beets (turned brownies)
  • Broccoli (broccoli cheddar bake...good use for the cheese, too!)
  • Snow peas (they'd be darn good in some healthy fried rice)
  • Baby greens (for a salad, I'm sure)
All of that, local and super-fresh for $25!  It's a steal this week =)

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