Sep 28, 2012

chewy granola bars

It has been yet another crazy woman week.  I'm teaching one more class than last year and have more lesson preps, but honestly I can't even figure out how it's possible to get everything done.  Once upon a time, I taught 7 classes at once (okay, I was a serious crazy woman back then).  Now I can't quite keep up with my 4.  I think I'm moving from crazy lady to crazy old lady or something.

I found a few ways to forget about my craziness, though, even if just for a moment: yoga, walking while enjoying the pretty fall trees, watching the season premiere of Modern Family (even if I fell asleep halfway through...following a majorly crazy day that started hours before the sun came up) and eating homemade granola bars.

Sep 22, 2012

pumpkin coffee cake and fall

So, the plan this morning was to wake up early and work on grading/planning/emailing.  That didn't so much happen.  We slept in (even if sleeping in means 7:45 am), I made coffee (first things first), and did the dishes (it was a serious situation).

At that point, I decided that bad Spanish grammar might ruin my coffee.  And, I decided that in honor of the first day of fall, I needed to share a delicious way to ring in the season.

I may be a bit of a pumpkin addict.  Come about December, I stockpile our pantry with a ridiculous number of cans of pumpkin.  I wouldn't want the stores to run out (as I learned the hard way in Georgia).

Sep 18, 2012

homemade hot dog wraps and baseball

 It's been a bit of a (vegetarian) hot dog kind of week.  Between keeping up with work while also (trying to) have a life, hot dogs have sounded better and better.  They're fast, easy, and pretty darn delicious.

This past weekend, we also happened to go to an Indian's game (aka the Hot Dog Capital of the World).  We had some pretty good seats...

It was pretty much the best game ever, besides the terrible Indians' loss (of course).

Sep 13, 2012

kohlrabi and potato hash browns

Life is starting to settle down a bit here in the Chookie Chookie household.  Husband and I are well into the fall semester and we're getting used to his new schedule.  Two nights a week he works into the evenings, so we don't eat dinner together those nights.

Instead, I put together something like this and call it dinner.  (Although last night, I believe my sad little dinner consisted of leftover homemade bread, a slice of cheese, and some granola.  So, I guess it could be worse than hash browns.)

Sep 10, 2012

thai basil eggplant and seasons

My internal clock is screwed up.

All of a sudden, I feel all sorts of hope and excitement for the future.  Those are spring feelings normally, right?  Yet, it's the beginning of the season of changing leaves and lots of pumpkin.  Maybe it has to do with new students?  Or starting the house hunt?  Either way, I'm a little bit all over the place at the moment.

Sep 8, 2012

whole wheat pretzel bites in a white beer cheese sauce


I've been pretty much the worst blogger ever last week.  I know.  But that streak is about to end.  I've come up with quite the pretty little list of tasty treats to make.  It's really all about the recipe ideas.  They're either there or they're not.  They're finally back after a crazy beginning of the semester long vacation.  I hope they went somewhere nice.

Anyways, here's a different and much healthier version of these.  (Although, enjoying these in a healthy quantity can get a little tricky.)  They're just as good as the less-than-healthy original and maybe even cheesier.  They do take a little time to make, but the recipe is pretty much foolproof.

Sep 3, 2012

raw oatmeal "cookies"

Happy Labor Day!  I don't know if it's socially acceptable to wish a happy Labor Day, but it seems appropriate today.

Being a long weekend, my husband and I got to travel a bit, go to a wedding, see some friends and family we haven't seen in a while, and just relax.  Needless to say, we ate lots of (unhealthy) delicious food.  We're in a bit of a detox mode now.