Dec 17, 2012

my life in pictures...

The Best Moving Team Ever

 (Mainly) *Unpacked* Boxes

Our Bit of Holiday Normalcy

That Awkward Moment When Your Sister Points Out That You Have 20 Pounds of Sugar In Your Pantry

Our FIRST Laundry Room =)

Still Have More Work To Do...

Lots More Work.

Realizing That We Need A Goodwill Room

 (Notice the amazing vibrating belt weight-loss machine that we inherited when we bought the house)

Sleepy Pooch Who Doesn't Seem To Mind The Orange Carpet

Marigold Oven Where The Culinary Adventures Will Continue...


  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having 20 lbs of sugar this close to Christmas. Makes cookie making easier. :)

    1. I agree! You never really can have too much sugar =)


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