Jun 30, 2012

peach black raspberry crostata

Fruits have arrived to Northern Ohio in  the form of pretty little peaches and super-sweet black raspberries. Now we can officially call it summer!

Plus, I'm down to one week left of the crazy summer session at work.  Life is good.

Jun 29, 2012

healthy red velvet {beet} brownies

Generally being sneaky is frowned upon, but I think that sometimes being sneaky is good.  You know, like when you're planning a surprise party for someone?  Or if you're playing a game with students to teach them something without them realizing they're learning?  Or when you hide healthy food in something that isn't so healthy?

After getting beets in our Fresh Fork bag last week (and the week before!), we decided the best way to get rid of  use them would be to sneak them into something we'd actually enjoy.  (If you haven't gotten the hint, we're not big beet fans around here.)

Jun 26, 2012

bok choy frittata

You know what you do something stupid and you know it was stupid as soon as you did it?  Like when you realize your pen wasn't closed and you draw a black line across your grey pants?  Or when you're half asleep and pour orange juice into your coffee?

I had one of those moments while preparing this.

Jun 22, 2012

best-ever {ooey gooey} brownies

Happy (belated) Father's Day!  Okay, I know this is super-late, but that's how my life has been lately.  Forgive me?

So, last weekend was Father's Day.  And my sister and I are proud to say that we have the best dad in the world.  (He happens to be an awesome photographer and taught me some basics for my new camera...hopefully the pictures will start to show off what I learned soon.)  So for a once-a-year-type-splurge I made these brownies to celebrate the wonderful dad that he is.

Jun 20, 2012

asian-inspired bok choy

Apparently the theme of this time of year is bok choy.  Last week we got a big head of bok choy from Fresh Fork.  This week, we're getting some more (which, now, is no longer a bad thing).

When I heard we'd be getting bok choy, I was a little overwhelmed.  I don't often get overwhelmed by food, but there's something intimidating about the little enigma of a vegetable.

So, it took me nearly a week to work up the courage to do something with it (which, now, seems ridiculous).

Jun 18, 2012

black bean salsa

This week was another big week for Fresh Fork (*).  We got Tex-Mex themed food this week, hence the corn chips the other day.

I decided to make some fresh salsa with some of the beautiful produce this week.  This is a simple recipe, but it's surprisingly reminiscent of a Chipotle burrito.  (Yum!!)  Make this and you'll be the hit of the (healthy) party.

Jun 16, 2012

chocolate-covered corn chips

I know it's been a really long time since I've posted anything.  But, since I've posted last I got a new camera (it's awesome, but {clearly} still completely foreign to me) and prepared something that you need in your life:

Jun 12, 2012

ranch kohlrabi fries with a spicy dipping sauce

 Kohlrabi?  I hadn't heard of it before last week either.

When I told my parents that we were getting kohlrabi in the first week's Fresh Fork bag, they got really excited.  Apparently, my mom used to eat it at home when she was young, and my dad's parents had it growing in their garden.  They both really liked kohlrabi, but hadn't had it in a while.  Upon hearing their rave reviews, I started to get excited about trying it.

Jun 10, 2012

creamed spinach/collard greens/pea tendrils

Last week we got tons of greens from Fresh Fork.  So many, in fact, that the two of us couldn't easily eat all of them.  So, before they start going bad, I decided to use several of the different veggies in a recipe together.

I've cooked with spinach a good bit, am fairly new to collard greens, and knew nothing about pea tendrils (until last week when I started to do some research).  Collard greens tend to be the tougher, more bitter cousin to spinach.  Pea tendrils are sweeter, but have a tough stem that needs to cook well to work in this recipe.  They all seem to work well together.

Jun 9, 2012

kale chips and fresh fork week 1

The past week was pretty rough.  Lots of work and not much time for the baking and cooking that I love.  This is what got me through the week:

Jun 7, 2012

chocolate-covered sugar cookie bites

It has been quite the week.  Classes started on Monday for the first summer semester (hence, my extended absence here).  For this session, I'm teaching two classes I've never taught before.  With a book I've never used.  In a condensed, 5 week class.  For 1.5 hours each.  Everyday.  At 8 am.

It's been kinda rough.

A week like this requires chocolate.  And sugar.  And butter.

Jun 3, 2012

vegetarian collard greens

Collard greens make me think of the South.  The South makes me think of warm weather.  Warm weather makes me think of summer, which makes me sad.  Today's my last day of "summer" before my summer semester classes start.

I know I should just be thankful to have had the past month off (and I definitely am), but there's this darn teacher mindset getting in the way.  But, alas, tomorrow it starts.  Early.  Like 5 am early.  Ugh.

Jun 2, 2012

sour cream and chive mashed potatoes

For last week's 24x24, I needed some sort of potatoes to be part of the meal.  It was partially because Idaho potatoes worked great with the dinner theme and partially to get on the good side of my potato-loving sister, so I could convince her to: A.) join us for a meal that had salmon as the main dish and B.) help me with some party food prep and decoration.  It worked(!) and she was a bigger help than I could have asked for.  There's nothing quite like potato bribes potatoes to help with the convincing.