Dec 4, 2011

a chookie chookie

My grandma's recipes haven't ever been measured simply by cups and tablespoons.  She's made delicious treats with "a chookie chookie" of cinnamon and a "smidge" of nutmeg.  I learned so much about baking and cooking from my two grandmas.  They've taught me to love food and that sometimes the best recipes need just "a chookie chookie" of that last ingredient to make them extra special.

I hope to inspire you to whip out the baking pans and measuring cups to create some of your own homemade deliciousness.

Definition: A chookie chookie loosely translates into two shakes of spice shaker, hence the double "chookie".  "Chookie" is pronounced like "cookie" with a "ch".

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through Fresh Fork Market. I just started with them this summer and like you I've been enjoying making a variety of things with the produce we get.

    I LOVE this little story! I think this is one of the things I enjoy reading in food blogs - the childhood memories and stories that weave into recipes and make it unique. And yes - that is what makes cooking fun - the experimentation, the intuition of adding a bit of this and that and the other. The "chookie chookies". And this is what I appreciate about moms' and grandmothers' cooking - and wisdom, in the kitchen and otherwise.

    PS: I think I'm in a similar place as you - up until this year I was vegetarian (with dairy and eggs) for about 6 years, then recently started introducing fish and chicken back (depending on the source). I was raised an omnivore though.


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